Artists Magazine Asked …

August 8, 2019By Costa VavagiakisClippings

Artists Magazine asked, “If you could’ve witnessed the creation of one artwork, what would it be?” Twelve artists answered, including Costa Vavagiakis. One of the reasons The Art of Painting intrigues me is that it’s one of the few Vermeers I haven’t seen in person. We on the East Coast have the opportunity to see … Read More

The Enduring Power of a Self-Portrait

April 7, 2019By Costa VavagiakisClippings

Self-portraits raise the question of our own existence. As the artist catches the viewer’s eye, he/she can vicariously experience being the artist. This eye-to-eye contact is the purest, most direct connectedness with another human we can have in art. The artist’s eyes are directed outwardly, seeking to be seen and directly seeking you out as … Read More

Jurying the Art League’s March Open Exhibit 2019

March 24, 2019By Costa VavagiakisClippings

I juried the Art League’s March Open Exhibit 2019, which is on view in their Alexandria, Viriginia, gallery through April 7. For Best in Show I selected a painting by Jeff Lodge, Sunset Trawler, and also awarded Honorable Mentions to eleven of the one-hundred exhibiting artists. Haven Ashley interviewed me about the process of jurying. That … Read More