While gaining knowledge of the fundamental principles of perception—light, plane-structure, tonal value, perspective, proportion—students will learn to construct images that realistically and accurately interpret the anatomical architecture and movement of the human form in space. This solid foundation will enable students to express their personal creative vocabulary more clearly and effectively. The drawing classes will consist of short and long poses, acquainting students with the preliminary process of understanding the essentials of the figure in space, and providing the opportunity to develop a more complete drawing. The painting class will consist of two-week and three-week poses, allowing students to delve into the painting process in order to attain both concise and fully realized paintings. • These classes work from the nude and clothed model with short and long poses in the drawing classes, and with poses lasting two and three weeks in the painting class.

Anatomical Drawing

Five Afternoons a Week: Monday – Friday, 1:00 pm – 4:45 pm (instructor present two sessions) | learn more

Anatomy for Artists, Life Drawing

Five Late Afternoons a Week: Monday – Friday, 4:50 pm – 6:50 pm (instructor present two sessions) | learn more

Painting from Life, Portraiture, Composition, Color

Five Evenings a Week: Monday – Friday, 7:00 pm – 10:15 pm (instructor present two sessions) | learn more

All classes take place at The Art Students League of New York: 215 West 57th Street, New York, NY 100019 | visit site

Studio Etiquette

  • All students must register before the first of the month and hand in class tickets to the monitors
  • Cell phones and watch alarms should be turned off upon entering the classroom
  • There should be no talking while the models are posing. Remember, there are two poses in the room and each section should remain quiet while any model is posing
  • Keep ALL noise to a minimum while models are posing. For example, eating food which may be loud, high volume on headphones and rustling of plastic bags
  • Questions or concerns about pose should be directed to monitors—only monitors may adjust poses
  • If you are late, please wait to set up or sit until the model break. There will be a break every 20 minutes
  • It is important not to discuss another student’s work in the studio unless they have solicited your opinion or advice
  • Be aware that we adjust the temperature of the studio based on the model’s needs