Pop-up shows are becoming extremely popular. They are a response to the vacant storefronts and offices now common in New York City’s economic climate. The resourceful are converting unorthodox locations into creative showcases to view art. These unused spaces can liberate artists and curators from the conventional installations of white box galleries. The unexpected setting enlivens the experience of discovery for the viewer: You are not only going to see art, you are going to find art.

This show was the third Momo Evans has curated in the past two years. She invited a select group of artists, twenty-three in all, from the expansive Art Students League community. Since many are or had been students of mine, Momo asked if I would contribute to the exhibition. I did so gladly.

It was a smashing success! Momo took a space designed for a clothing store with all its odd niches, shelving, and racks and converted it into an uncanny art-viewing experience. The week-long exhibition was a celebration of the creativity and diversity of the Art Students League of New York. From its buoyant opening to the abundant foot traffic and great responses, it was an invigorating art-viewing experience.

And let’s not forget its many, many sales. Bravo, Momo!

pop-up exhibition
My three portrait busts in a glass display.
Opening night!
At the opening (l-r): Robin, Tamara, Julie, Momo, and me.
At the opening (l–r): Julie, Sunanda, and me
At the opening: Caroline and me
At the opening: Jodelle and me
Julie Nelson’s travelogue mixed-media drawings
Rudyard Tatarinov’s sold self-portrait.
(l-r): Sculptures by Miguel Del Rey and works on paper by Noah Jordan, Erik Brown, Ale Yancy, Momo Evans, and Cathy Blake.
Mariana and I in front of her sold painting.
Sculptures by Brigitte Norton, Miguel Del Rey, Yoko Cohen, Helen Draves, and Ruben Dario.
(l–r): Miguel Del Roy, Robin Frank, Selva Sanjines, Stephanie Markel, Yoko Cohen, Stephanie Markel, Luisa F Gutierrez, Stephanie Markel, Rudyard Tatarinov, Larry Rubenstein, Venkat Subramaniam, Helen Draves, Robin Frank, and Yoko Cohen.
Momo and I standing in front of her figure drawing and Sam Handler’s portrait drawing
Mayya Rojk’s installation of scull drawings
Plein-air paintings by Satoshi Okada
Miguel Del Rey’s sculpture dramatically displayed
Sculptures by Elizabeth Allison and Miguel Del Rey with a painting by Jiin Ahn
(l-r): Cathy Blake, Mariana Zanina, Momo Evans, Sam Handler, Mariana Zanina, and Erik Brown.
Costa Vavagiakis, Stephanie III
Costa Vavagiakis, Rainbow XXXVII
Costa Vavagiakis, Gioia IV


  • Wonderful! what a treat to see these pictures. the show was an awesome success and great fun. Thank you Momo and Costa.

  • Bravo! Very creative pop-up. Surely the way to be seen, and bought, when you don’t have a gallery. Congratulations to Momo and all the artists.

    Carole Gersten

  • I’m not at all assertive in showing my work but occasionally I think of taking a few pieces of my artwork to a public space on a busy day and pinning then to a wall. I would include proper signage and artist’s statement and contact information. Then I’d stand back and see what happens. Sooner or later I would expect to be asked if I had permission to do this or a license. Then I’d pack up and go.

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