The Drawing Connie XX

November 11, 2023By Costa VavagiakisStudio Notes

This drawing is of Connie who has been a long-time muse for my work. I do multiple drawings of the same model’s head, variants exploring subtle tilts or shifts of axis, facets, and emotions of my subject. All studies for a potential painting idea. This process allows me to truly understand the intricacies of Connie’s appearance … Read More

Sicily Art Workshop 2022 | A Travelogue

August 25, 2022By Costa Vavagiakispainting abroad

My Arrival Sicily Art Workshop After three grueling days dealing with plane delays and cancellations, I finally flew into Palermo, Sicily. Rosetta Sciacca, our host, with her husband, Michael Volkov, picked me up with our driver Antonio. It’s the first time I am visiting Sicily, but the topography is very similar to Crete, my parents’ … Read More

Artists Magazine Asked …

July 6, 2021By Costa VavagiakisClippings

Artists Magazine asked, “When it comes to draftsmanship, who’s your favorite artist?” Five artists answered, including Costa Vavagiakis. “I’d have to say the ‘holy trinity’ of the High Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci [1452–1519] for his inventiveness and creativity, Michelangelo [1475–1564] for his ingenuity and imagination, and Raphael [1483–1520] for his grace and ability to communicate.”

Artists Magazine Asked ….

March 20, 2021By Costa VavagiakisClippings

Artists Magazine asked, “How does art make the world a better place?” Nine artists answered, including Costa Vavagiakis. “Art offers messages that can capture our emotions, revealing a pure moment of humanity that we share with the artist, transcending time and place. It can open the imagination.”

Artists Magazine Asked …

December 6, 2020By Costa VavagiakisClippings

Artists Magazine asked, “What’s an art book that’s on your reading list this year?” Seven artists answered, including Costa Vavagiakis. During this challenging time, I chose to return to two enduring classic essays: Junichiro Tanizaki’s “In Praise of Shadows” and John Ruskin’s “On Art and Life.” Both delve into the desire to maintain cultural identity … Read More

Making the Leap to Online Learning

July 21, 2020By Costa VavagiakisStudio Notes

I’ve invited my longtime student Stephanie Markel to compare her experiences studying art at a school and in a private studio, or as they say, “in real life,” and now virtually, on a digital platform. Stephanie has been a student of mine at the Art Students League and has also studied with me privately. A … Read More

The 2020 Student Exhibition

May 4, 2020By Costa Vavagiakisannouncements

On the evening of March 11, the Art Students League announced that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the school would close indefinitely. I was teaching my evening painting class when the word came down. We were all in shock; it was like all the air let out of a balloon. The students were revving up … Read More

Copying Master Drawings: Assignment I

March 29, 2020By Costa VavagiakisInstruction

Copying master drawings is a rewarding way to improve your drawing skills. When you copy a drawing by a highly skilled artist, you are exposed to the artist’s techniques, as well as to their thought process. Copying teaches you how a master faces and solves fundamental drawing problems. You get a deep, rich understanding of … Read More

Painting in Western Sicily, June 8–18, 2020

January 8, 2020By Costa Vavagiakisannouncements, painting abroad

Hosted by Rosetta Sciacca with Instructor Costa Vavagiakis Trip Overview Rosetta Sciacca and Sicily Artist Retreats invite you to paint in Sicily. Sicily Artist Retreats organizes intensive 10-day programs led by renowned artists in a variety of disciplines, including painting, drawing, and sculpture. Join acclaimed artist Costa Vavagiakis for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to paint in Western Sicily. Explore Greek … Read More