6/1  | Friday

Flew into Amsterdam with Rick Brosen to get oriented and scout locales to draw and paint for the workshop group. Rick showed me places he experienced when he first visited the city as an eighteen-year-old. This trip was at least his tenth, but only my second. The first time was thirty-five years ago, so it’s just like visiting Amsterdam for the first time.

Outside of the train station I saw a thousand-bike parking lot. Amsterdam recognizes the bicycle as the primary form of transport. There are more bikes in the city than residents. Most people ride around on old shabby one- to three-speed bikes. Sitting upright, no helmet, holding their children or groceries while talking on their cell phones. Pedestrians, watch out!!!

Bicycle parking lot outside the Amsterdam Centraal station.
Boats & buildings on the Prinsengracht Canal. The longest of Amsterdam’s canals means “ Prince’s Canal” named after the Prince of Orange, William I.
Amsterdam is uniquely built over 60 miles of canals, 90 islands and over 1,500 bridges.
The Amstel River’s name is derived from Aeme-stelle, Old Dutch for water-area. Amsterdam got its name from the Amstel River. The river’s winding banks and rivers have inspired many Dutch artists.
Buildings along the Amstel River.
View of the Rijksmuseum from a canal.


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